RGF Counseling

Renee G. Felder, MSS, LCSW

                                                             Resources, Guidance, Focus



For over ten years, I’ve been committed to helping my clients discover their inner strengths,

develop effective coping skills, and improve the quality of their lives.  I get great satisfaction seeing

my clients face challenges and make positive changes that will lead them to a more fulfilling life.


The therapeutic relationship I form with my clients is especially important to me. 

My personal strengths lie in my ability to listen carefully and compassionately, to provide

a supportive environment, to assess situations and provide accurate diagnoses, and to provide my

clients with problem solving skills.


I work with adults and couples of all ages, but I especially enjoy working with preteens,

teens, and young adults.

The journey begins with asking for help.

If you are ready for help, please feel free to contact me to dicsuss your concerns or to

schedule an appointment.


Therapy for Individuals, Couples and Families

Adolescent Therapy Specialist

Adoption Services